Someone wise once said that it's a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.

Over the last few years we've all seen how the way of living and working has changed remarkably in India and the world over. Suddenly, money is not the only motivating factor, it is the balance one attempts to strike between work and happiness, and the value of job satisfaction that helps us rise and shine to look forward to our work every day.

Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to make my work life a place where I could feel happy every day. With the loving support of my parents and some inspiring teachers and my innate passion, I can gladly say that I love what I do….!

With the same passion in my heart and the spirit to spread the happiness that comes with lifting other women up with my artistry and talent, I extend an opportunity to you all to give back what I got from so many inspiring people.

I’m glad to announce Samaira Sandhu’s Intense Makeup Learning Programme, where all the aspiring makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts are welcome to learn the intricacies of makeup and beauty.

Following are a few makeup learning programs to choose from, based on your requirements and level of learning.

7-day Class Curriculum

The 7-Day Intense Makeup Learning Programme is methodically designed to graduate beginners from Basic to Advance makeup learning techniques. Reflecting Samaira’s vision of beauty and grooming in every walk of life, the curriculum is an exceptional mix of knowledge and artistry.

Day 1

The opening day outlines the introduction to skin and skin care

  • In-depth knowledge of various skin types
  • Choosing the right products
  • Understanding CTM (Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing)
  • Revealing the secrets to flawless complexion using foundation, correctors and camouflage techniques
  • Learning the significance of primer/concealer
  • Selecting the appropriate base color
  • Learning False Eye lash application
  • Mastering the latest rage in beauty industry – Brow perfection
  • No makeup look is makeup too – Creating the perfect illusion

A certain Ms. Kardashian may be responsible for the ContourMania, but it is Samaira’s magical strokes that will help you sculpt the faces to the extent of their beauty.

  • Introduction to Contouring
  • Knowing various Contour products
  • Types of Contouring (cream/powder)
  • Glowing skin is always in – Learn to strobe and highlight the right way
  • Blending in my cardio – and yours should too. Perfecting the art of blending
  • Bringing it all together – Contour, blush & highlight
  • Learning in-trend contour techniques
  • Bonus feature – How to create day/portfolio/editorial looks
Day 2
Day 3

If eyes could speak, a woman would never need words. It is the very noble thought that has seen groundbreaking innovations in eye makeup that bring a celebrity and a commoner together. Samaira aspires to impart the expertise to all her students and you start the quest by learning the basics on Day 3

  • Understanding the different eye shape for complementing makeup
  • Accentuating the beauty with eye shadow application
  • Beauty tool guide for eye makeup
  • Smokey Eyes- A trend that never goes out of style – Learn the black and browns of Smokey eye makeup
  • Bonus Feature – Learn to create a cocktail/party look

Congratulations, you’re no longer a makeup novice. With the completion of Day 3, you graduate to the advance learning level to soon master the tricks and skills to explore a whole gamut of looks Samaira has to offer

  • Color Blast Eye Makeup – It’s time to play with colors of the palette
  • Halo Eye technique – Understanding the importance of transition colors
  • Perfecting the art of Winged Eyeliner
  • Introduction to Socketing Technique
  • Intricacies of blending in Eye Makeup
  • Learning the hottest and trendiest Global Eye Makeup Trends
Day 4
Day 5

It’s time to get ready for the big league…! On the fifth day of the program, Samaira will teach all about the complexities and finesse of achieving a bridal makeup.

  • The quintessential Indian Bride – Learning the classic bridal makeup – Eyes and skin base
  • Cut crease makeup techniques
  • Well kept secrets to a flawless bridal makeup to be revealed
  • Diversity is a great force towards creativity – Learn the Glitter Smokey Eyes with Winged Eyeliner

With the advent of HD videos, the traditional powder of liquid based makeup needed a smooth and concealed alternative, also known as the Airbrush makeup. Learn the art from the artist herself –

  • Introducing the Airbrush Makeup/ Kit
  • Preparing the Skin for Airbrushed Makeup
  • Choosing the correct base and concealer for Airbrush Makeup
  • Applying Airbrush foundation for a flawless complexion
  • Learn to Contour, Blush and Highlight on airbrushed makeup
  • Making it water resistant – Full technique
Day 6
Day 7

Practice makes you PERFECT..! Going by this Golden MANTRA, Samaira gives you a day to practice everything you’ve learnt from Day 1 to 6

  • Practice Sessions
  • Revision of all days
  • Everybody gets a chance – Resolving individual queries
  • In-depth knowledge of makeup industry and brand growth
  • Guidelines to start your own makeup ventures
  • Professional Photo Shoot with Students
  • Certification of Course Completion

3-day Eye Makeup Class Curriculum

In today’s glam savvy world where HUDA beauty, NARS, Esteelauder are not just brands but a part of the everyday life of countless makeup aficionados, there’s always a desire for more; more knowledge that builds to expertise and finally translates into perfection. For many of you such makeup lovers, who wish to take their basic skills to the next level, we have designed Samaira Sandhu’s 3-Day Eye makeup classes, which aim to teach aspirants a series of eye looks that will add a unique dash of color every time you step out of the house

Day 1

The opening day of the course provides a brief introduction to general eye makeup techniques followed by the time-honored journey of classic eye makeup techniques and explores the quintessential looks for everyone to learn and master

Look 1 – Nude Eye

Master the art of everyday looks with nude eye makeup including

  • Understanding the eye shapes
  • How to apply false lashes as per different eye shapes
  • Product selection / eye shadows palette
  • Prepping the eyelids for a creaseless and long lasting finish
  • Defining brows using powder/pencil/cream products
  • Editorial Look
Look 2 – Smokey Eye
  • Understanding the different types of Smokey eyes
  • Learning the matte black smokey eye look with different products
  • Understanding the super blended seamless look
  • Different types of smokey eye looks as per various eye shapes

The second day of the class curriculum is all about the most significant and in-vogue eye makeup trends ruling the roost in the beauty industry at the moment

Look 1 – Cut Crease / Perfect Winged Eye Liner
  • Learning the concept of cut crease eyes
  • Full and Semi cut crease techniques
  • Winged liner applicationBlending techniques
  • Glitter application
Look 2 –Halo Eye / Color Blast
  • Halo eyes (Matte, shimmer and glitter)
  • Socketing techniques
  • Color diffusion techniques
  • Color wheel and selection of color palettes
Day 2
Day 3

The final day of the class curriculum is gives you all an opportunity to address your questions about the different looks you learnt in the classes. Samaira will also be giving professional tips in kick starting your makeup artist career from everything including social media approach to logistics and the right attitude An added bonus will be the Signature Samaira Sandhu Bride look where Samaira will teach the nitty gritties of bridal makeup

Look of the Day – Signature Samaira Sandhu style bridal eye makeup

It’s a surprise…!

A well-kept secret, Samaira Sandhu’s revered and celebrated bridal look is now officially ready to be unveiled to all you makeup aspirants

Two-day Self Makeup Course Curriculum

The primary objective of the two-day self-makeup course is to learn the basics of self-makeup for everyday as well as special occasions. Being a strong advocate for female empowerment, Samaira's pledge towards the betterment of womankind comes from the simple fact that makeup is one of the key components in the self-confidence of a modern woman. And in an attempt to empower every girl from all strata of society, Ms. Sandhu proudly presents the 2 day self-makeup course for the budding aspirants from all walks of life.

The two day makeup course will cover the following features -

  • Understanding the skin type
  • Skincare
  • Colour correction
  • Concealing
  • Under eye creasing
  • Perfect base
  • Creating perfecr brows that flatter your face
  • Eyelash application
  • Three looks - Day, smokey and glitter eye
  • Hair care and hair styling demo for self

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