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The story of Samaira Sandhu is one of endurance, spirit and persistent hardwork. From the humble beginnings of small town upbringing, this beautiful belle of the north rose from nothing to what she is today, a brand in herself.


It was with a sheer stroke of destiny and passion for beauty and aesthetics that turned this nutrition and dietetics major into a makeup professional she is today. After graduating from Kryolan Academy in Berlin, which prepared this young protégé into a full-fledged beauty career aspirant, Samaira returned home to start work as a Pan India Trainer for the renowned makeup brand. After two years of honing her skills, Samaira made the career highlighting switch to MAC Cosmetics where, in the next two years, she got the grasp of what women desire, what they expect and how it is the job of a makeup professional to help them envision their beauty.

The two years in MAC, followed by a year's stint with Lancome helped Samaira prepare the blueprints of her future. With the help of a large social media fan base and some very loyal clientele, who still swear by her exceptional work, Samaira became a freelance makeup artist in 2016 and the foundation stone for brand - Samaira Sandhu Makeup Artist was laid down.

Ever since, there has been no looking back for this 'makeover magician' who has devoted her life into helping women across the globe become a better, stronger and more confident version of themselves, all thanks to the magic of makeup and the artistry that comes from her fairy hands.

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